1. ohio is home to ohio state University. Shits trash
  2. ohio has very slow speed limits for 0 reason other than they’re average citizen is too brain dead to go faster than 70
  3. Lake Erie was single handedly destroyed by ohio and their massive amounts of polution
  4. Every single president that has ever come from ohio is considered to be one of the worst in history
  5. The state of ohio’s best natural landmark is the turnpike rest areas
  6. Syphilis was first documented in ohio
  7. ohio makes any other US State look enticing to live in, even some of the worse ones
  8. ohio has one of the lowest life expectancies in the entire United States
  9. They have one of the highest poverty rates in the entire United States
  10. ohio has produced more serial killers per capita than any other state
  11. toledo
  12. basically every other city in ohio
  13. If you live in Michigan you are forced to pass through ohio if you wish to travel somewhere warm for winter, unless you’re based and you do what I do and drive around ohio, as you can see below it may take a little bit more time, but the views are better, the tolls are less, the roads are better, and you don’t have to give ohio any of your money as you drive through!
  1. ohio is one of the most flat states, Even Nebraska has larger elevation changes than ohio.
  2. cleveland named its baseball team the Indians, even though there hasn’t been an Indian in the state in about a century.
  3. ohio state has an entire song dedicated to how they dislike Michigan, kinda cringe
  4. If I have to hear someone spell ohio one more fucking time I swear
  5. People from ohio believe they own the word “The” narcissistic ass people
  6. Casey Anthony was a ohio state fan
  7. Jeffery Dahmer went to ohio state
  8. ohio state fans used to hate urban meyer when he was at Florida and call him a slimeball, and defend him doing the exact same stuff at ohio state
  9. brutus is a bitch
  1. The average IQ in ohio is 42
  2. Anyone in ohio born with an IQ of 115 or higher (0.2% of the population) leaves the state immediately to find higher quality education
  3. Inbreeding is a normal occurrence in ohio
  4. ohio has some of the highest Fentanyl use in the country
  5. and meth
  6. basically all drugs, ohio probably is in the top 10 range for use
  7. ohio consistently has a high unemployment rate
  8. Milzy Motorsports