Welcome to CFCP 2023!

College Football Confidence Picks is a CFB prediction league based on your confidence in your picks! We have been playing this game since the 2021 season

What is College Football Confidence Picks?

CFCP is a different take on the office water cooler games you might be accustom to playing. The entire premise of the game is to be able to predict different matchup winners. But that’s only the half of it, you also will assign a point value as to how confident you are that the team you selected to win will win. For example, if you look above at the 2023 week 1 matchup schedule. In that week there are 24 different matchups featuring top 25 teams. There are only 24 because of the Florida State LSU game which has 2 ranked teams. In your case you might place the most confidence in Georgia to beat UT Martin by picking Georgia to win at your 24 point slot. Then on the flip side you might pick LSU to beat Florida State at your 1 point slot as you are much less confident in the winner. The game is entirely about winning the most games, but also making the predictions at the right point slots. You could theoretically predict the most wins every week, but if you don’t put them all in a solid confidence level you could still lose the week. Predicting upsets has massive upsides but could also cost you heavily if the upset isn’t pulled off.

How do I play?

First if you have not done so please ensure you are signed up by clicking the button below

Submitting Picks

As of now we do not have a digital and automated way for players to submit their picks, for now you have to just send Ben your picks. This can be done through discord, text, or any means that can be time stamped. It is important that you submit your picks BEFORE the scheduled start time of the game that you are submitting. For example lets say there is an Early Friday game and you want to send that pick before your main Saturday picks. That is perfectly fine as long as you send the Saturday picks before each of the games respective scheduled start times. For all I care you can send every pick 1 minute before their selected scheduled start time.
It is asked that if you choose to send all of your picks in well before kickoffs, that you list them in order from most confident to least. 25(or however high this number is as it does change weekly) to 1

Weekly Polls

At the beginning of every CFB week, I will post in the discord a schedule containing every matchup that we will be picking from in that given week. Its important that you pay attention to the dates of different games as some games will take place before Saturday, very often there are occasional Thursday/Friday games. From that you will have until each games stated kickoff time to submit your pick.

Changing Picks

You are allowed to make any changes to your picks up until the scheduled start time. Please ensure though that you check what you have already submitted as it is quite common that someone will want to make a change and it turns out they already have a game picked in whatever point total slot. You will be able to see the main spreadsheet so please just double check that before making picks

Scheduled Start Times & if you are late

Scheduled Start times can be found as easily as going to ESPN or reading the weekly schedule graphic. If the game is slated to start at 3:30pm Eastern Time, then the pick is required on or before 3:30pm Eastern of the same date. 12pm is required by 12pm, and so on.
If you do not submit your pick in that timely manner you will lose your top available spot for that given week. To go back to the week 1 example above, lets say you forget about the 8/31 Thursday game and have not submitted any picks yet, and you don’t submit a pick for that game. The 24 point total slot for that week will be automatically a loss and you will not be able to make a prediction for that point slot for that week and you will not be able to make a prediction for whatever game you missed for that week.

General Rules
  • All Picks must be made at the scheduled start time of the game, there are 0 exceptions and failure to meet this will result in that game being forfeited by you and as well your top available point slot.
  • If you accidentally submit 2 picks for the same matchup, (Example, you pick Georgia to win the same matchup 2 times in the same week) neither pick will be accepted and will be treated as a late selection. This can be corrected if fixed before Schedule start time.
  • Any information that you have can be used to assist in making your picks. (Insider intel, Preseason Magazines, Forums, Players, ect.)
  • All picks will need to be submitted to Ben Krapohl, or can be made through the spreadseet.